Nelcan Electric is aware of the increasing demand for EV charging solutions that are both practical and effective. Electric car charger installation is our team's area of expertise in Vancouver, giving companies and homes access to rapid and secure EV charging. We take care of everything, from choosing the ideal charger to guaranteeing a seamless and legal installation, giving you the confidence to drive an electric vehicle.
For all of your home's electrical requirements, Nelcan Electric provides premium residential electrical services in Vancouver. Whether you require new installations, upgrades, or repairs, our skilled electricians focus on safety and dependability while producing high-caliber work. We guarantee that every aspect of your home's electrical system, including outlets, wiring, and smart home integration, is effective and compliant.
Nelcan Electric offers a comprehensive range of commercial electrical services to Vancouver-based businesses. The particular difficulties faced by commercial properties, such as intricate wiring systems, energy management, and electrical maintenance, are well-suited for our qualified electricians to handle. Our goal is to keep your business operations as unaffected as possible while guaranteeing that your electrical systems are reliable, effective, and expandable to meet your demands.

In the process of renovating in Vancouver? For all electrical parts of your renovation project, Nelcan Electric is your reliable partner. To guarantee that all electrical installations and upgrades are properly incorporated into your remodeling plans, our electricians collaborate seamlessly with designers and contractors. We assist you in making your area safe and useful, whether it's by updating your electrical systems or installing new outlets or lighting.
Modern electrical demands can be impeded by and a serious safety concern can arise from an obsolete electrical panel. In Vancouver, Nelcan Electric provides qualified electrical panel upgrade services. In order to improve the capacity and safety of your electrical system and guarantee that you can power your home or place of business effectively and dependably, our professionals will evaluate your current panel and provide upgrades.
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