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Half of childhood blindness cases are preventable, researchers say

Philly Voice (Health) 10/5 4:48P Tracey Romero
More than half of childhood blindness cases are caused by treatable conditions like retinopathy of prematurity, nystagmus and cataracts, a new study from Stanford University shows. The researchers said their findings highlight the need to better...

Booster shots can prevent a winter COVID-19 surge – if people get them

Philly Voice (Health) 10/5 11:12A Tracey Romero
A surge of COVID-19 infections could be prevented, as well as 745,000 hospitalizations and 70,000 deaths if Americans receive the bivalent booster at the same rate as they did the flu shot last year, an analysis from Yale University and the...

How financial stress can impact your health

Philly Voice (Health) 10/5 5:34A Julia Aspen, Sponsored by Indepe
Financial anxiety is a very real and common problem in the United States — especially as Americans struggle with the impacts of inflation.

Misinformation undercuts COVID-19 vaccine rates of children, report finds

Philly Voice (Health) 10/4 11:03A Tracey Romero
The percentage of U.S. adults who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 far outweighs the percentage of children who have been inoculated. Misinformation about vaccine safety is driving that disparity, new research from the Annenberg Public...

Listeria outbreak linked to Old Europe brie and camembert cheese

Philly Voice (Health) 10/2 8:21A Franki Rudnesky
A listeria outbreak spanning 6 states, including New Jersey, has been linked to cheese sold by Old Europe Cheese, Inc., found in many grocery stores. Old Europe issued a voluntary recall on Sept. 30 of all brie and camembert products distributed...

Embedded bias: How medical records sow discrimination

Philly Voice (Health) 9/30 9:09A Darius Tahir, Kaiser Health News
Discrimination in health care has become an increasingly problematic issue between doctors and their patients. Medical bias can present in numerous ways, including how providers communicate, what they do to address patient symptoms and how...

An overlooked STD could become the next superbug, scientists warn

Philly Voice (Health) 9/29 7:01A Tracey Romero
Mycoplasma genitalium, an STD also known as M. genitalium or M. gen., is growing resistant to the most common antibiotic used to treat it, azithromycin, scientists warn. Superbugs are major public health concern in the U.S, causing 2.8 million...
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